Tom Abrahamsson

Tom Abrahamsson

Born in Sweden in 1943 - so I am getting on in age! Started taking pictures in 1957 (beaten up M3 and TriX rated at 200 asa then). Studied and got various degrees, Journalism, chemistry (it was the 60's after all), industrial design. Married a finn, Tuulikki in 1967. Moved around a bit, 2 years in Helsinki, 2 years in Copenhagen, a couple of long trips (around the world in 1970/71) and in 1974/75 another long trip around US/Mexico/Canada. Settled in Vancouver in 1975 and worked as a photographer/writer until 1982 when we took 18 months off and went to Paris, just for fun. Back to Canada in 1983 and this time stayed put until 1986 when we went to Australia for a year and in 1987 finally settled in Vancouver - and have been there since then. Decided that I was unfit for corporate work (pulp-mills, oil plants etc all started to look the same - corporate "grip and grins" had lost its lustre - if it ever had one. I had been working on a design for a replacement Leicavit for M4P's/M6 and decided to go into production. Taught myself machining - and survived. Since 1987 I have been making, designing and selling these devices. Slowing down now as I rather take pictures than hanging over a lathe or milling machine. Stalwart supporter of black and white film! 99.9% of what I shoot is black/white and at last my degree in clinical chemistry has proved beneficial. Make my own developers and experiment with different films. I , to some extent, follow Gary Winogrands philosophy. When asked why he took pictures, he said "Because I want to see what it looks like as a picture" Love Flickr and it is my "contact" sheet - both visually and as a connection to the rest of the worlds likeminded photographers. Other interests include, reading (anything from schlock detective stories and science fiction to classics), obviously travel and also cars, mainly old clunkers. My philosophy is that any car costing more than a Summicron 50 is overpriced. My current one is a 22 year old Mercedes E 260 (and an old Jeep Grand Cherokee). Addicted to Leica's - though I also like the Nikon Rf's and Cosina/Zeiss optics. A day without a roll exposed is a wasted day.

S 931 Bretagne, France 2003
S 442 Praque 1997
S 440  Praque 1997
H 169 #8 Reflecting pool
H 169 #4  Summilux 35mm f1.4
H 161 #2 Agfa 12 developer Kodak XX
H 161 #4 Sloppy parking
H 157 #4 Orion-15 28mm f5.6 Kiev mount
G232 #1 ORWO 54  Td 201
H 147 #8 Summicron 35mm f2.0 Asph